I identify as a painter and educator who works and lives in Portland, Oregon.  My work dances around the balance of representation and abstract. Creating is required to feel connected to the deeper sense of living, like re-setting a compass so I can find my way around as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and member of an ever-changing-society. Currently exploring and pursuing landscape, I'm experiencing a sense of vastness and feeling small (in the best way possible) . I've never been drawn to landscape before, but what when use the word "landscape", what do we mean? Atmospheric perspective? The physical space that takes us from point A to point B? Vast lands still untouched by cranes and void of motor vehicles? Why do we stare at the sky? Why do we sigh when we see lush lands and deep blue waters? Because we need it. 

My work is about honoring and bringing beauty to what can often go overlooked, even if it's right in front of us all along.

Mediums used: watercolor, ink, graphite, oil, acrylic, photography.

About Art Education:

Working with teenage artists from Sept - June, I find that everything is delicate, vibrant, fragile, redemptive and all that I pictured being an art educator. Yet everyday is different, everyday is filled with the unknown and constant flexibility. Have you met teenagers? Older people think they're intimidating or confusing by how they dress or how tech savvy they are. I can tell you firsthand that they are the wise, the empathetic, the joyful. And here, I can share with them skills that might help them find their way. Creating and having a voice is one of the most important, and missing, skills our world needs.

Do I believe in what I teach? You bet. Do I believe more in who I teach? Absolutely.



Lewis and Clark College, MAT, Art Education, Portland, OR, 2010.

University of Arizona, BFA, Fine Art, Tucson, AZ, 2005.




Flukes & Flora: CoffeeHouse Northwest, October 1-October 31st, Portland, OR, 2016.

 Follow: Your Tears, Arbor Lodge, Feb 28th-April 2nd, Portland, OR 2016.

Bowen Island Series, private collection, Remedy, Portland, OR, 2015.

Saints, Foxfarm Winery Gallery, Newburg, OR, 2011.

Flood the Desert Art Fashion Show - featured artist - MonOrchid Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, 2006.

One Night Exhibit, Eternal Books, Scottsdale, AZ, 2005.



A Response to Our Oceans: A Collection curated by Adrian Grenier - Group Digital Show, Miami, Florida, December 2015.

8"x8" Artist Challenge Group Show, George R. White Gallery, Concordia University, Portland, OR 2015.

MTV Real World, House Stage Art, Portland, OR, 2012.

Maple Co-show w/Kat Lawlis, Portland, OR, 2012.

TWCTD, Steven Goldman Gallery, Art Institute of Portland, OR, 2012.

Evergreen Community Art Show, Portland, OR, 2009.

OCCV Human Trafficking Prevention Art Show, Portland, OR, 2007.

Nobility Obliged Concert, performance art, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006.

Installation Art, The Fremont House, Tucson, AZ, 2005.

Senior BFA Exhibition, The University of Arizona Student Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2005.